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Overcoming Depression, Low Self-Esteem And Anxiety Can Seem Impossible

Especially when you feel lost, misunderstood, and unheard.
Or when you don't know why you feel this way.
Whether you feel stuck in your life, have experienced a traumatic past, or a relationship is falling apart, you can find a path forward.

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Hi, I'm Philip Brideaux

As a Canadian Certified Counsellor, I help people understand how their sense of self shapes their sense of living and how to use that insight to respond to their challenges.

I know how lonely it can be when you feel disconnected or alienated from yourself with no clear way out. But there can be and I'm here to help.

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How Psychotherapy Can Help You

Psychotherapy aims to help people with experiences and self-perceptions that are hindering their sense of aliveness. This type of therapy is intended for significant challenges or personal growth.

By exploring patterns of emotion, thought, and behaviour, psychotherapy encourages deepening self-insight. This, in turn, can lead to a greater sense of connection, inner freedom, and self-realization.

What You Can Expect When We Work Together

Online counselling sessions that are private and convenient.

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Private and Professional

You should feel confident with your care. I understand the hesitation to begin counselling.

Safe and Comforting

You should feel calm and assured. I know opening up can feel uncomfortable.


You deserve to be heard. I believe you and your experiences matter.

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Not quite ready for online counselling? No problem. These resources may help

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What You Can Do About Low Self-Esteem

I've written a 60-page guide on what you can do for yourself about feeling lonely, abandoned, ashamed or disconnected.

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