Counselling Therapist (Alberta)
Canadian Certified Counsellor
Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology

Philip Brideaux

I help people living with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem find freedom through connection, self-insight, and transformation.

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I've been there

My path to becoming a therapist began with my own therapy journey. Over several years, the challenging process of self-discovery inspired me to make a profound shift in my life's direction. That shift began with seeing how sharing my therapy insights with friends had tangible and gratifying results.

I decided I wanted to make a positive, purpose-driven impact in the world that would leave a legacy. I transitioned from my long career in public service and earned a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology degree. This was the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my life.

Canadian Certified Counsellor

My work will help you relieve your emotional burdens and shift your relationship to yourself.

Whether learning new ways of responding to people and life events or gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, my goal is your personal and emotional growth.

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I am committed to creating a consistently secure space to support this very personal and 'Relational' process

My experiences as a client have shaped my goal of creating a space for you that is safe, therapeutic and insightful. I value how compassion, and being met where you are, fosters self-insight, healing and change.

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What You Can Do About Low Self-Esteem

I've written a 60-page guide on what you can do for yourself about feeling lonely, abandoned, ashamed or disconnected.

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