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Real change begins with mindful awareness

Through mindfulness practices, I will help you identify where and how shame, self-loathing, and self-rejection unconsciously form your sense of self and then help you move towards compassionate self-acceptance.

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Find Resolution To Your Suffering

Anxiety, depression and low-self esteem symptoms inform certain patterns of behaviour. Mindfulness practice will help you to notice, interrupt, and help create a new understanding of self.

Social Relations

Life experiences shape your sense of self. Negative ones notably influence unconscious coping methods and expectations for the future.

Gut Reactions

Intense experiences create "emotional memory." Similar present experience triggers similar emotions to defend against potential harm.


Emotional memory shapes your unexplored self-beliefs, forming your personal narrative and interpreting present experiences.

Here Are Three Concepts From Which I Often Draw

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Self-acceptance Through Integrating Your Inner Voices

Growing up in a tough environment can cause you to create different self "parts". This helps you handle overwhelming experience in smaller chunks. Sometimes, these parts "take charge", especially when things get really tough. They also carry childhood burdens caused by not receiving what you needed when you were very young.

It's why we often continue with the same strategies in adulthood as in childhood, with diminishing results. Self parts may work at cross-purposes. That's when trouble happens. Together, we can help you recognize those different aspects of yourself and their protective roles. By "making friends" with them, you can lead a more "Self"-directed life.

Deepening Self-awareness And Reducing Needless Suffering

Memories shape our sense of self. Painful ones can limit present awareness and joy. When painful memories form much of your identity, you suffer. Low self-esteem fueled by such memories can make you believe you're never good enough.

Together we can grow your well-being by helping you distinguish between your past self in memory and your present self in awareness. Mindfulness practice, as a tool, can aid in distinguishing between focus and distraction, fostering self-acceptance, cultivating non-judgmental curiosity, and handling emotions skillfully without attachment.

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Understanding, Processing and Managing Your Emotions

Strong emotions deeply influence memory formation. Distressing events may alter how these memories are processed, often without our awareness. Similar experience in the present triggers those strong emotions and we may "react" defensively.

Together, we can identify those emotions, notice recurring patterns, and help regulate strong emotion. Examining attachment styles, past relationships, and unresolved issues can help you heal old wounds, cultivate self-compassion, foster emotional growth, and enjoy healthier relationships.

Claiming Your Session Through Benefits

I am registered with Sun Life (Lumino). If your employer's Sun Life benefits package includes coverage for "psychotherapy," "clinical counselling," or has a discretionary spending account, I can provide you with a receipt for submission. Please check your benefits details carefully and contact your Sun Life representative if you have any questions.

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